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A letter from INVERTED

"Dear Players,

INVERTED is a newly founded studio that makes story campaigns for DCS WORLD. By inverting the hardcore, we want to make the virtual fighter jet experience more accessible and "fun" while remaining true to the hardcore nature of a combat flight sim.


We want new players from other combat fighter genres to join the stage, taking their fighter pilot dreams to the next level, experiencing the realistic flying characteristics of the jets while having a cinematic blast as they have done in other less demanding games. As an FAA private pilot myself, I enjoy every minute in DCS WORLD as much as I do when flying in the sky. However, there is a part of me that wishes for a "realistic", yet exciting and heroic experience in my favorite flight sim, DCS WORLD. This experience is Rising Squall.


Rising Squall is a story campaign based on the F/A-18C Hornet module. The story is based on the INVERTED World. It is an alternate universe that very much resembles our world, but with the civilizations, countries, and political interests being different. We have built the story and characters from scratch, with great emphasis on both the big picture of national conflicts and smaller story lines of personal discords.


To spice things up, we have been very fortunate to have Keiki Kobayashi, the main composer of the ACE COMBAT series, compose our soundtrack, which contains 10 original pieces exclusive to Rising Squall. We think these pieces make the gameplay much more exciting and heart-pumping, bringing a fresh experience to DCS WORLD. "

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